• Painting & decorating

  • Have you ever noticed that whenever the folks from Extreme Home Makeover or any other "redo-it" show come on the scene, the most significant thing they change is always the color of the walls and accents?  Ever wonder why that is?  Experts agree, there is no greater bang for your buck then a refreshing update to your home's color palette.  And that's where we come in.  With a degree in the arts and a meticulous eye for detail, Robert and his team have everything it takes to take your living spaces from ordinary to extraordinary. Stumped on colors or just need a little push to go bold?  Our design team can help with that too!

  • Client Services
    Home decoratingWallpaper removed
    Woodwork repairs
    Interior / Exterior painting
    Small space and full room organization
    Fixed price quotes avaiilable for large jobs over one day.
    Office – DecorPainting at weekend and evenings without disturbing clients
    Delapidations / refurbishments a speciality
    Redesign and paint office spaces