• Handyman & Odd Jobs

  • There are very few projects that we can't tackle. We get calls all the time just to stop by and tighten a loose doorknob or oil a squeaky cabinet hinge. Just about everyone who owns a home has a list of odds and ends that seems to grow by the day! Many homeowners put us on the schedule every couple months just to come out and spend a few hours knocking those tasks out, and since that's what we specialize in, you'll be amazed how fast and and affordably we can get them taken care of... Leaving you worry free and giving you time to get back to doing what you love!

    You may not know that we are also the number one appliance installer in the area! After you order that shiny new appliance, just give us a call; we can often pick it up from Sears, Quality Appliance, or your preferred appliance retailer on the day it comes in and get it installed right away*! We are proud to offer free recycling of your old unit as well!

    *Certain Installations Require a Licensed Plumber, if unsure, just ask!