• Handyman or Contractor?

  • One question we get from time to time is, "Does my project require a Handyman or a Contractor, and what's the difference anyway?"

    The primary difference is that a Contractor carries licensing to work on a large range of specialties, and typically focuses on larger projects. Does it seem like your project will require a crew or multiple days to complete? If it does, you're better off calling a licensed builder or remodeling contractor who works on projects like yours every day!

    As a Handyman service, our focus is typically on smaller projects, the things most contractors don't want to do anyway! If you have questions regarding what your project needs, or if we are the ones to take care of it, just call us! If it's not an area of our specialty, we'll tell you. We may even be able to tell you over the phone what your project requires or who to call! We work closely with local licensed builders, plumbers, and electricians whom we know you can trust.